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If you have any questions please feel free to check out Lucy and Troy at this website will give you all the answers to the information that typically is asked.

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Short Sales… Sea2sky documents.

Here are the Documents that my Short Sale Specialist, Sea2Sky has put together to ease the Short Sale experience.  Its vital to put together the proper information to help this procedure move forward quickly.  If you have any questions please call Lucy or Troy, the numbers are provided.  Fill this data out and send into Lucy as soon as possible,  life is short make the decision and move on.    Short Sale Doc File

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Sea2sky interview with Lucy

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What Is A Short Sale? (It’s not as bad as you’ve heard…)

Short selling in WA State is ok.  In fact, thousands of homeowner’s are selling their homes short or doing a “quick sale” everyday.  ……..

Here’s How:

1.  Look into the future 3 months, will things be better financially?

2.  Contact Sea2sky or Todd, #’s are provided as well as emails.  Ask questions until you have clarity.

3.  Take the data given to you by Sea2Sky and look at your options:  Loan Mod, short sale, foreclosure,(not a option).  Make a choice and move forward.

4.  Review the paperwork, fill it out, hand it in.  Start the process.  Release the responsibility to Sea2Sky, let the team work on it.  Don’t look back, it only gives you a sore neck.

5.  3-4 months later, call Dan Keller for credit repair and begin new life with a new home.

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